The Concentrate Feeder from GEA takes the latest nutritional developments into account. Sensors in the feeding box help to recognize and identify each individual cow. The boxes are equipped with high-quality stainless steel feeding basins. The type and presentation of the feed and the portion size make no difference to the function. No matter what the consistency, sophisticated volume dispensers measure the feed out exactly. With the F4210 you can distribute up to four different types of feed. The Concentrate Feeder from GEA increases cow comfort, helping to avoid over or underfeeding also supporting to reduce metabolic problems.

Key benefits:

  • Each cow is fed individually depending on its yield and physical condition
  • Exact quantities can be ration in accordance with the individual cow's requirements
  • Possible to create summary lists for individual rations and consumption figures
  • Rationing can be adjusted both automatically and manually

GEA's automated feeder helps to minimize disputes over food

Automatic feeding saves both time and effort. The Concentrate Feeder from GEA reduces feeding disputes among your cows. Here, the design is key: The long, sealed feeding boxes come either as single, double or wall boxes. This prevents boss cows or cows in heat from disrupting the controlled feeding process and causing accidents. No matter what the model, the more relaxed atmosphere will improve your herd's throughput.

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