GEA DairyFeed F4110 / F4120

Automated Calf Feeder

Automated support for rearing young cattle: With the GEA Calf Feeders, you benefit from controlled, healthy calf growth – suitable for every herd size and every agricultural business.

Automated Calf Feeders - GEA DairyFeed F4110 / F4120

The Calf Feeders provide individual drinking curves to ensure your calves get the nutrition they need. You can use the easy to operate manual terminal to program new values so that each calf gets the perfect feed for them. You have a clear view over everything in the feeding station: A transparent funnel makes it easy to see the fill level and you can adjust the portions in just a few moments. The feeders have an auto-calibration feature which checks and regulates the weights of the portions.

Fully automated feeding process with GEA Calf Feeders

It doesn‘t matter whether it is fresh milk or powdered milk that is provided; the DairyFeed F4110, standard portfolio, can easily feed 50 calves using a maximum of 2 sucking stations. The powerful processor enables extensive function applications.

The DairyFeed F4120, advanced portfolio, offers you increased performance, more flexibility and greater ease of use. Individually configured it meets your wishes for up to 120 calves using 4 sucking stations. Modern calf management for healthy growth every day, individually and reliably matched to each calf.

Key benefits:

  • Individually, precisely and freshly prepared feed
  • Exact feeding temperature through use of IQ heating control
  • Small quantity dispenser for powder or liquid type additives (accurate to the gram; for medicine)
  • Simple automatic cleaning thanks to various rinsing programs
  • Easy operation using hand terminal, PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Easy monitoring with the management tool “CalfCloud” wherever you are

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