GEA Calf Feeders

Automated support for rearing young cattle: With the GEA Calf Feeders, you benefit from controlled, healthy calf growth – suitable for every herd size and every agricultural business.

Calf feeders from GEA – an overview of the key benefits:

  • Individually, precisely and freshly prepared feed
  • Exact feeding temperature through use of IQ heating control
  • Small quantity dispenser for powder or liquid type additives (accurate to the gram; for medicine)
  • Simple automatic cleaning thanks to various rinsing programs
  • Easy operation using hand terminal or PC
  • DMS 21 integration via the DP Calf-Feeder module
  • Easy monitoring with the management tool CalfCloud whereever you are

GEA Calf Feeders for ultimate all-round nutrition

The calf feeders provide individual drinking curves to ensure your calves get the nutrition they need. You can use the easy to operate manual terminal to program new values so that each calf gets the perfect feed for them. You have a clear view over everything in the feeding station: A transparent funnel makes it easy to see the fill level and you can adjust the portions in just a few moments. The feeders have an auto-calibration feature which checks and regulates the weights of the portions. How you benefit: The process is fully automated.

Automated feeders from GEA: an overview of the different versions

GEA provides individual system solutions for all agricultural businesses. Each calf feeder offers different specifications and benefits. The C400 smart automated feeder can be used as a fresh milk, milk powder or combined machine. It can hold up to 35 kg of powder and is designed for operations with a maximum of 50 animals. The V600 smart can be used with either milk powder or as a combined machine, and the V640 smart for either fresh milk or a combination. Both feeders can hold up to 35 kg of powder, but can be expanded to 50 kg with a stainless steel bowl.

Further data for each calf feeder:

C400 smartV600 smartV640 smart
Liquid feed preparation1.5 l/min2.5 l/min2.5 l/min
Portion sizes250 ml250 to 500 ml250 to 500 ml
Stainless steel milk pump120W120W250W

Raising farms with

Quattro module with 4 sucking stations (optional)

max. 50 calves with 2 sucking points

max. 60 calves with 2 sucking points

max. 120 animals with 4 sucking stations

max. 60 calves with 2 sucking points

max. 120 animals with 4 sucking stations

You can also fit your automated feeders with an automatic calibration scale or a fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning system with rinsing agent dispenser.

All calf feeders can be integrated seamlessly into the DairyPlan 21 herd management system.

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