Automated Feeding MixFeeder with WIC system

Increase the efficiency of the feeding process at your dairy farm and experience the benefits of precise group feeding and optimized feed management: MixFeeder with intelligent WIC system

Feeding, TMR feeding, and automatic feeding are the key phrases important to every single dairy farm. Let a part of your work be made easier in the future: The automated GEA MixFeeder with WIC supplies your animals with freshly mixed, precisely measured rations around the clock. This enables each cow to perform to her full potential, and gives you more time to manage your animals and for activities outside of the barn.

MixFeeder with WIC at a glance

High-quality feed mix by using a stationary mixer

  • Precise, tailored group feeding
  • Healthy and high-performance cows mean maximum milk yields
  • Flexible working environment with effective processes
  • Simple and efficient feed management
  • All of the information you need on a live display and via status updates to your smartphone
  • Intelligent and optimal feeding routes

Plan the best feed mix for your animals

Whether you have high-performance or non-lactating cows, calves or bulls, the MixFeeder WIC software enables you to set the ingredients and volumes for each performance group and plan the delivery frequency right from your computer. So each group gets the precisely tailored blend they need.

Healthier animals mean a healthier business

Having precisely measured rations delivered at intervals throughout the day keeps your animals active and helps them get the most out of their feed. This improves their general health, which in turn reduces treatment costs, increases milk yields and maximizes milk quality!

All the information you need, no matter where you are

While everything runs automatically in the barn, the WIC software (accessed via your PC, touch panel or smartphone) keeps you up to speed with continuous status updates. Wherever you are. So you have more free time to spend on other important activities.

Easy to manage via PC or smartphone
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