Automated Feeding

GEA Mix&Carry WIC

"Intelligent feeding” instead of manual feeding routines: The automated feed wagon controlled by WIC handles the weighing, mixing and distribution, providing optimum control of all feeding parameters.

Automated feeding Mix&Carry WIC

The perfect choice for large farms: extensive workload reduction, good feed mixture and precise feeding.

Automatic feeding: computer-controlled, precise and for individual groups

The GEA Mix&Carry WIC automatically handles your daily feeding routines at the press of a button: the ingredients from bunkers and silos are weighed and placed in a stationary mixer in accordance with the rations. The rail-guided feed wagon distributes the freshly mixed feed at the programmed times via its delivery conveyor to the right places on the feeding table – on one side or both sides.

Your benifits at glance

  • Fully automatic weighing, mixing and distribution of regular, nutrient-oriented TMR feeding by a 2.0/3.0 m³ feed wagon;
  • WIC software: computer-controlled feed management for up to 30 different performance groups with 30 feed ingredients*;
  • Minimized workload for the feeding routines: greater flexibility with daily scheduling;
  • Location-independent monitoring and reporting for all feeding activities in real-time via computer, touch panel and smartphone;
  • Modification of the system parameters via barn computer or touch panel;
  • Statistical data acquisition and storage of the system data: basis for analyses and optimization of the feeding parameters;
  • Reduced feed costs through precise mixing, weighing and distribution of the feed;
  • Repeated fresh feed distribution: the best cow health, highest possible milk yield and quality;
  • Space-saving design: only requires 200 cm wide feeding table;
  • Large capacity feeding – the feed kitchen works as an independent TMR center, preparing the next ration, at the same time the Feeder wagon is distributing.

Automated feeding systems elements Mix&Carry

Automated feeding systems elements Mix&Carry

Feed storage for TMR feeding with the flexible GM17 and MM8 feed bunkers

DairyFarming GM17 Feed Bunker

Feed storage is an important element of automatic feeding. The feed ingredients go from storage to the mixer and, from there, on to the feeding table. The perfect system for feed storage should be able to be seamlessly integrated into the automatic feeding process to reduce the workload as much as possible. As a system provider GEA offers you precisely the right solution for your farm with the MM8 hopper.

Feed storage with GM17 or MM8 bunkers: the advantages at a glance

  • The perfect storage solution for your existing system: compatible with the Mix Feeder, Free Stall Feeder, Mix & Carry, Belt Feeder
  • Robust and requiring little maintenance thanks to durable materials and good workmanship.
  • Clean storage of basic feed in a non-corrosive feed bunker
  • It can grow with your farm: flexibly expandable due to modular design
  • Automatic output to the stationary feed mixer, feed wagon or conveyor belt feed systems

Gentle and clean storage of feed in the non-corrosive stainless steel bunker

The storage of basic feed for TMR feeding must be carried out in a dry and clean area. In addition, the feed should be distributed cleanly to prevent additional cleaning work. GEA feed bunkers give you a facility for gentle and clean storage of feed for your cows. The bunkers are made of non-corrosive stainless steel.

Integrate feed bunker into the automatic feeding process and save time and labour costs.

The major advantage of a feed bunker is its seamless integration into the automatic feeding process on your farm: The feed bunker transfers the desired amount of basic feed automatically onto the stationary feed mixer, feed mixer wagon or directly to the feeding belt. There is just one step left for you: regular refilling of the feed bunker with basic feed. For perfect discharging, the feed bunkers have rollers which transport the feed from the rear part of the hopper to the feed outlet. Depending on your demands concerning feed storage, the feed bunkers can be installed at different angles. Thus, the controller regulates the dropping of the feed onto the feeding belt, from which it is transported to the feed mixer or directly to an automatic GEA feeding wagon. In this way, the feed bunker integrates itself seamlessly to become a complete solution for your farm.

Feed storage which grows with your farm: The MM8 feed bunker can be flexibly expanded

To meet the demands of your farm, GEA offers you the MM8 feed bunker in modules. From several modules you can put together a feed storage which is perfectly tailored to the feeding needs on your dairy farm. You can also expand your MM8 with further modules at any time and thus increase the capacity of feed storage – always in line with the growth of your herd.

Flexible and suitable for any system: The MVM feed mixer mixes TMR gently and efficiently.

MVM Mixer

The feed mixer is the core element in TMR feeding. It mixes the basic ingredients in the feed mixture into finished feed and saves you a great deal of work. A single device for automatic feeding makes a big contribution to easing your workload and frees you up for other important activities. With the MVM Mixer, GEA has developed a high-performance feed mixer which makes automatic feeding on your farm even more efficient and is a perfect supplement to our feed wagons. It's compatible with automated belt feeding and wagon feeding.

MVM Mixer for automatic feeding: the advantages at a glance

  • Mixes feed fully automatically, quickly and carefully
  • The structure of the feed is maintained
  • Long service life and low maintenance
  • Modular system: You select the size of the mixer and the positioning of the feed outlet
  • Compatible with automated conveyor belt feed systems and automatic feed 

Feed mixing: gentle and fully automatic with the GEA MVM Mixer

A particular strength of the MVM Mixer is its gentle processing: It evenly mixes all kinds of feed with the aid of large worm gears inside the mixer. A feed mixture is then produced which can be absorbed and digested by the cows. As a result, automatic feeding with the MVM Mixer makes a direct contribution to improving the milk quality on your farm. The type of feed, whether silage, hay or straw, is of no importance. And the size and shape of bale make no difference, as the conically shaped worm gears in the MVM Mixer can cope with any size or shape. Automatic feeding with the MVM Mixer saves you the tiresome task of chopping up bales.

MVM Mixer: Maintenance-free and durable thanks to its top-quality materials and intelligent design

The MVM Mixer saves you labour-intensive maintenance. GEA uses durable and robust materials, such as stainless steel, and puts its faith in top-quality equipment for the powering of the worm gears. Thus, large roller bearings in an oil bath ensure perfect quiet running of the MVM Mixer and save you additional maintenance work.

Flexible system for TMR feeding thanks to the modular design of the MVM Mixer

As a system provider GEA has designed the MVM Mixer for automatic feeding in such a way that it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system. You even have a choice of different versions of the MVM Mixer, which vary in their size and the position of the feed outlet. Depending on the demands of your dairy farm, you can select capacities ranging from 8 to 30 cubic meters.

The feed outlet via the elevator can be positioned at the side or at the front. At the same time, you can adjust the gradient of the elevator to your TMR feeding system – irrespective of whether you use conveyor belt feeding with the Belt Feeder or the automatic Free Stall Feeder feed wagon. Thanks to the modular system, fully automated feeding can be achieved in your barn – from the storage of the feed ingredients, to feed mixing and even feed output.

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