iCRS Cow Restraint System

The iCRS system has been designed to make rotaries more efficient and reduce labour at milking time. The iCRS system is connected and controlled by the automatic cluster remover installed on the rotary platform.

The cow restraint drops down behind the cow when the cluster is attached which keeps the cow on the platform if she has not finished milking. This reduces labour requirements at the clusters off area.

Key Features

  • Retains cow on the platform if she is still milking or has milking alerts
  • Connects to the automated cluster remover
  • Suitable for new or existing rotary parlors
  • Smart design using flexible strap reduces working hazard for operators at milking time

Key Benefits

The system consists of machined hinges, a plastic strap and an iHDR100 Ram that controls the operation. 

The flexible strap that retains the cow on the platform is a key feature. The system does not use fixed metal arms that can be dangerous at pinch points around the rotary creating a working hazard for operators. 

The system can be fitted to all types of rotary platforms and automated cluster removers on the market. 

Advanced features such as retention of the cow for low milk, kick off or milk quality problems is also possible with the iCRS system.

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