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GEA’s food cutters are the multi-taskers of the food preparation industry. One machine will cut, mix, emulsify, vacuumize, cook and cool almost any meat, poultry and meat substitute product to set a perfect base for further processing. Bowl cutters can also prepare fish, vegetables and processed cheese. The rotating knifes work at exceptionally high speed to achieve any structure: coarse chopping to the finest emulsion. The result? A homogeneous mix of ingredients with the right binding consistency, firmness, uniform color and taste.

A tradition of innovation in cutters

GEA is no newcomer to bowl cutting. Krämer+Grebe laid the foundation of today’s generation of GEA CutMasters over 80 years ago. Since then, we’ve developed the world’s first propeller cutter with a knife arm support from just one side. Then came the first vacuum bowl cutter and world’s first dual-knife cutter. We’ve also set cutting speed records on later machines. And so much more.  Today’s GEA CutMaster Gen 3 comes with integrated AC technology. It has a new standardized user interface. Optional predictive and preventive maintenance systems are available too.

A selection of GEA CutMaster applications

The CutMaster is GEA’s standard bowl cutter. It’s perfect for a wide range of product applications. The vacuum sealed CutMaster V excludes air from food emulsion. This simulates protein extraction and reduces the risk of jelly deposits. The CutMaster DUO has 2 knife heads. It’s ideal for dry fermented sausages such as salami.

Meat applications

Main meat applications GEA bowl cutting

Meat applications such as bologna, mortadella & vienna sausage, pate, jagdwurst, salami, chorizo and bratwurst.

Plant-based applications

Main plant-based applications GEA bowl cutting

Plant-based applications such as plant-based fish nuggets, plant-based burger, falafel and plant-based sausage.

Other applications

Main other applications GEA bowl cutting

Other applications such as dumpling filling, soups & sauces, processed cheese and surumi.


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