High Capacity Centrifugal Pump

High capacity centrifugal pump transferring water, hog slurry or very liquid manure, from different kinds of storage. The Maxi-Pump provides maximum pumping head and comes with different features to make manure management easier.

Key Features

  • 3-point hitch with adjustable legs;
  • 20" (508 mm) or 28" (711 mm) diameter impeller with 6 blades;
  • Bearing assembly in oil bath protected by a 3 seal mechanism;
  • Intake flapper valve with thick rubber to seal against a stainless steel pipe;
  • 6" (152 mm) intake and discharge.


  • Maxi-Pump on trailer;
  • Hand primer pump with 6" (152 mm) gate valve;
  • Hydraulic motor on primer pump.

Maxi-Pump and Side Mount Agitator Kit

  • Powerful surface and bottom agitation for fast mixing of manure;
  • A 12" (305 mm) diameter rubber hose is installed between the Maxi-Pump and the reservoir to absorb vibrations.

Note: The Maxi-Pump can be installed above ground level to keep the environment clean and aid in draining the pump once the reservoir is empty.

Maxi-Pump and 45° Port Hole Agitator

  • Positive agitation to minimize solid residue between the port holes of the pit;
  • Loading capacity of up to 1 500 GPM (5 678 L/min.);
  • Easily transfer to the spreader with the 6" (152 mm) X 20 foot (6 m) loading pipe on tripod with 45° elbow.

Maxi-Pump and Solid Manure Platform

  • This configuration allows siphoning of the liquid alongside the wall of the platform to fill a liquid manure spreader;
  • Reduces the time required to load manure.
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