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GEA ScanMidi

Combining a surprising level of versatility with outstanding performance, the ScanMidi tumbling and massaging functions help ensure consistent brine and marinade distribution, whatever your recipes and process requirements. The ScanMidi is an outstanding choice when processing pork, beef, poultry or fish.

High performance massaging or tumbling

The GEA ScanMidi is one machine, but carries out multiple processes. Those include high capacity massaging, tumbling, marinating, ingredient dosing, rinsing, coating and cooling. The drum speed, process time, rotation direction and vacuum can all be adjusted, giving you many ways to control the process and optimize results. Thanks to the equipment flexibility you can utilize the system to the max and speed up the return on your investment. The ScanMidi massaging and tumbling system is available in 2500, 4000, 6000 and 10.000 liter versions. 

GEA ScanMidi massaging and tumbling system

Main applications

Main applications for GEA ScanMidi - tumbling & massaging system

GEA ScanMidi can be used for a wide variety of pork, beef, poultry, fish and seafood products. 

Patented asymmetric carriers provide ultimate flexibility 

  • Gentle ‘meat-on-meat’ massaging ideal for sensitive products
  • Fast and agitated tumbling suited to less sensitive products, speeding process times
  • Cooling in carriers for temperature control aids product consistency and quality
  • Hygienic drum design with no hidden corners to allow fast, thorough cleaning

Fast processing time and high filling degree

  • Drum design and drive control ensure short processing times and help maximize the number of batches per day
  • Wide (900 mm) lid opening and adjustable drum angle make loading, discharge and cleaning easier
  • User-friendly HMI (human-machine-interface) feature intuitive process visualization and enable process analytics 

Advanced controlled process

  • Massaging and tumbling under continuous vacuum to prevent oxidation, avoid foaming and improve protein extraction, product yield and color 
  • Precise vacuum and temperature control to help achieve better yield, while reducing  product damage 
  • Accurate load cells enable precise weight and dosing control
  • Addition of dry and wet ingredients via vacuum


Advanced technology
Dual massaging and tumbling action
Tumbling action in the GEA ScanMidi tumbling & massaging system

During massaging (clockwise rotation of drum), the 5 asymmetric carriers give a gentle ‘meat-on-meat’ massaging action without lifting, which helps to preserve the product's original texture. During tumbling (anticlockwise drum rotation) the asymmetric carriers lift the product for agitation action, which commonly enables shorter processing times. Tumbling is commonly used for less sensitive products, such as larger and tougher muscles. 

Heat-chill technology

The optional heat-chill system uses a glycol-based heat exchanger to heat or chill the drum, and carriers. This can speed up the brine absorption process and reduce the overall tumbling time. 

Technical Details
ScanMidi 2,5ScanMidi 4ScanMidi 6ScanMidi 10
Size2500 l4000 l6000 l10000 l
Dimension3500x1870x3050 mm4100x2030x3400 mm4700x2220x3800 mm5600x2740x4350 mm
Machine weight3000 kg3800 kg4900 kg7300 kg
Electric power10 kw13 kw16 kw22 kw


Complement your ScanMidi system with additional equipment
Homogenous brine mixing with GEA ScanBrine
GEA ScanBrine

GEA ScanBrine

Accurate, homogenous brine mixing is a key process that lets manufacturers select and mix the right brine recipe for each product. Homogenous mixing of the brine, including additives, can help to achieve the quality, color and consistency required for the final product. GEA ScanBrine can be a valuable addition to your tumbling and massaging system.

GEA ColdSteam T for faster and controlled defrosting
GEA ColdSteam T - Industrial defrosting technology

GEA ColdSteam T - Industrial defrosting technology redefined

Upgrade your ScanMidi by choosing GEA ColdSteam technology. It uses steam under near-vacuum to quickly defrost meat safely in the sealed environment of the tumbler, which eliminates the risk of contamination. Meat juices are retained, without compromising product quality or overall yield. The unique ColdSteam technology can help to ensure process consistency, efficiency and throughput.

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