Manual Detergents

Powerful cleaning of the surfaces in your barn, parlor and dairy room is no longer simply a wild dream when you use GEA AgroClair cleaning agents. Whether it is stubborn deposits or sensitive surfaces.

GEA offers you a selection of tailor-made cleaning agents. Because only when an environment is clean it can make a significant contribution to the health of your cattle.

We offer you a broad range of manual detergents:

  • Alkaline Manual Detergents: Alkaline foam cleaner and practical multi-purpose cleaner.
  • Acid Manual Detergents: Acidic foam cleaner - best used on stubborn deposits.
  • Manual Disinfection
  • Special Manual Cleaning Products


Please note that this is a global webpage. For more information on the availability of this product in your country please reach out to your local GEA dealer.

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