Preassembled and multi-purpose pasteurizers

GEA Pasteurizer Systems for Dairy Applications

Custom-built solutions, depending on the end product, with capacities of 5,000–50,000 l/h for milk, and 2,500–10,000 l/h for cream, dependent on the end product.

GEA pasteurizers are built on our decades of knowhow and expertise in developing components, equipment, and end to end process lines for the global milk and dairy industry. We can configure hygienic, user-friendly pasteurization systems for applications including consumer milk, milk-mix drinks, cream, yoghurt, cheese and sour milk products, as well as for ice cream mixes and whey applications. Our range of standard preassembled pasteurizers and multi-purpose, custom-built solutions come in different sizes, with capacities of 5,000–50,000 l/h for milk, and 2,500–10,000 l/h for cream, for typical heating temperatures of 72–85 °C, and variable holding times, dependent on the end product. But if your processes require a specific pasteurization profile that is a bit different, just let us know, and we’ll configure a system to suit your needs.

Heat recovery

We can tailor our pasteurization systems to meet your precise process and product requirements, and where possible engineer the technology to fit in with your plant’s physical layout and setup. And because we understand the importance of saving energy, our pasteurization solutions seek to achieve heat recovery levels of >90% for milk and milk-mix products, and >85% for cream. 

Making fossil fuel boilers redundant

Dependent on the pasteurization temperatures required, fitting optional GEA heat pump units into a new or existing plant could even make your existing fossil fuel boilers redundant, and significantly improve your carbon footprint. Our experts can look at your plant’s heating and refrigeration infrastructure to see how you could harness heat pump technology to take and amplify waste heat energy from elsewhere in the plant and use it to heat water up to 95 °C  for the pasteurizer, as well as provide hot water for cleaning-in-place. Using optional heat pumps in addition to the integrated heat recovery systems that are standard with all our pasteurizers could feasibly allow you to meet 100% of your pasteurization energy requirements, without any need to generate steam. 

Maximizing value and productivity

We always aim is to help you get maximum value and productivity out of your equipment investment, and we can even build customized pasteurization units that have the flexibility to process various dairy products, and to switch between different products multiple times per day. Our designs help to reduce downtime and losses during product push in and push out, both at start up and between batches of different products, so you can improve productivity and yield, and maximize throughput. 

Testing under realistic conditions

Whether you are developing a new market entry or simply optimizing an existing product we can help you to build quality into your process, adjust key parameters to drive your critical quality attributes to the required target levels and bring new products to market in a quick and efficient way.

By testing the product under realistic conditions before investing, you can evaluate your pasteurization process using our technology.

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