Lagoon Agitator

5 lengths of Lagoon Agitator available to give you the necessary far- reaching access to agitate the content of your lagoon efficiently and safely.

Key Features

  • Agitation is achieved by the pushing motion of the propeller;
  • Fixed or articulated agitation propeller;
  • 24" (610 mm) diameter agitation propeller;
  • 24" (610 mm) or 32" (811 mm) pitch depending on tractor horse-power;
  • Knife on propeller to cut fibrous material;
  • Agitation of up to 33 600 US gpm (127 290 lpm);
  • Heavy-duty driveline and #55 PTO – 540 RPM only;
  • Easy access for maintenance of the driveline joint;
  • 32', 42', 52', 62' and 72' models available;
  • Agitator holder, under the propeller, for storage.

Typical Application

To agitate manure stored in a lagoon.

Agitator Undercarriage

  • 6" (150 mm) pivot on the Standard and Heavy-Duty Undercarriages;
  • 8" (200 mm) pivot on the Heavy-Duty XL and Multipurpose Undercarriages;
  • Floatation tires.
  • Safety device to lock the hydraulic cylinder when traveling.

Articulated Agitation Propeller

The Lagoon PTO Agitator is available with a fixed propeller or with an up and down articulation. This articulation aims to create more turbulence and reduces agitation time. The 20° upward articulation allows you to break the crust from underneath. The 20° downward articulation forces the crust pieces towards the propeller and agitates sediments

  • Driveline articulation in oil bath.
  • Available only on the 32', 42' and 52' models.

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