Skid-Mounted Homogenizers

In order to satisfy the market needs to integrate the accessory components into a single element, GEA has decided to develop a product line composed by homogenizers with pump, by-pass system and electric board installed on a single transportable frame equipped with wheels.

High Pressure Homogenization

GEA is the global technology and market leader for high-pressure pumps and homogenizers.

The homogenization process is a mechanical one, achieved in one or more passes by forcing product through a homogenizing valve at pressures of 800–1500 bar. Within the valve, as a result of compression, acceleration, etc., the oil droplets are shattered and the suspended solid and semi-solid particles are dispersed, stabilizing the emulsion and providing the levels of micronization required. GEA homogenizers are fitted with specifically designed high efficiency valves for optimized cell disruption that operate at the lowest possible pressure and recirculate material in a safe and cost-effective manner, with less product being discarded.

High Pressure Homogenization Guarantees

  • Particle size reduction down to nanometer range for injectable drugs
  • Optimized use of emulsifiers and stabilizers
  • Control and repeatability of results with no biological risk
  • Solvent and chemical-free intracellular compound extraction to break the cell wall
  • Effective and efficient process to maximise yield and maintain product quality
  • Designed in compliance with FDA and cGMP guidelines
  • Full documentation package including materials certification (FDA-approved gaskets and 3A certification) and traceability, FAT/SAT procedures and IQ/OQ support.


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