Industrial Homogenizers

Homogenizers Ariete Series

Ariete® are the state-of-the-art high pressure homogenizer for powerful and reliability. Homogenizers from Ariete® serie are extremely versatile and customized for a wide range of applications: dairy, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries.

The Ariete® Series stands out for Excellence Versatility and Efficiency

Each machine is manufactured internally using the best materials and premium brand components, this guarantees best quality control, customized solutions and full traceability of parts.

Ariete® offers the largest capacity  the highest pressure on the market with the lowest total cost of ownership. Customer can benefit from a superior pump operational efficiency and from the possibility to install GEA high efficiency options such as the NanoVALVE® and the Oil Purification System that allow further saving in production cost (power, water, oil).  These state of the art homogenizers represent the first choice for a wide range of industries: dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech and cosmetic.

Reimagine liquids

Reimagine Liquids

It may surprise you how many products need homogenization in their manufacturing process to make them more compatible with your daily life. Stabilization and a longer shelf life have always been among the highest priorities in many different processing industries but, especially nowadays, as lifestyles continue to change rapidly, they are becoming more and more valued.

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Customized High Pressure Homogenizers

The possibility to customize the Ariete® homogenizers with more than 300 options is also a guarantee of high performance and high reliability of the machines in continuous industrial production.

Customized solutions, designed to meet the customers' needs, allow to diversify the models for the process, for the transmission and also for everything related to utilities, so as to obtain a unique and exclusive version of the homogenizer.

Certifications and Guidelines

Each machine is manufactured internally using the best materials and premium brand components, this guarantees best quality control, customized solutions and full traceability of parts. All Ariete® homogenizers are designed according to the EU safety rules (CE standards) and in compliance with other relevant industry standards in terms of following certifications and guidelines: USDA, FDA, 3-A, ATEX, EHEDG and cGMP.

Key Features:

  • High efficiency
  • Excellent performance at very high pressures
  • High reliability in continuous processing (24/7)
  • Reduced operating costs (water, lubrication oil and power supply)
  • Suitable for abrasive and viscous products 
  • Equipped with complete documentation for the pharmaceutical sector
  • Aseptic design
  • Fully automated and remote control option
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Easy maintenance

Ariete® Homogenizers Performance

Ariete Series Models
Max Flow Rate [l/h]
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 2006650450450400200100808035
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 30061.00075075060035022012012050
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 30113.0001.8001.6001.300800550///
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 30154.5002.5002.2001.8001.100750400370250
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 30307.5005.0004.2003.3001.7001.100650500330
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 303712.0006.7006.0005.0003.0002.0001.2001.000800
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 304512.0008.0007.3005.8003.600////
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 305514.00010.0009.0007.2004.5002.800///
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 307514.00012.00011.0008.2004.9003.1001.4001.4001.000
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 309017.50016.00014.50011.7007.3004.900///
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 311022.00020.00018.00015.0008.7005.5003.4002.6001.800
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 3160/22.00021.00019.00012.0007.5004.1003.1002.100
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 513228.00023.90021.50017.20010.7007.000///
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 520037.00034.00030.00026.00015.00010.0005.5004.2003.000
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 531565.00047.00041.00034.00021.00014.000///
GEA Ariete Homogenizer 540080.00065.00057.00045.00028.00018.00010.0007.0005.000

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