Homogenizer Compression Block Homogenizer Compression Block NiSoCLEAN 2.0

The NiSoCLEAN 2.0 is the new version of the compression block for high pressure homogenizer and pumps, specifically conceived for Dairy, Beverage and Food applications.

The technological evolution has been improved according to the latest EHEDG guidelines, in order to have the highest hygienic design possible which impacts also on the homogenizing group, so that the entire liquid end is now compliant to the hygienic standards.

Just Cleaned as it shines

The innovative mechanics of the NiSoCLEAN compression block, designed according to the best hygienic regulations, allows the product to flow continuously, reducing the shear stress passages and facilitating the fluid feed into the valve with consequent optimization of the entire homogenization process.This new release further improves the compression head design, giving some important benefits to the process streamline during cleaning procedures. Made up of less number of components, with reduced and smoother sections variation that decrease the product flow speed variation, this new compression block cut down TCO as well as stress on product. 

Finally, the special configuration of this head allows a considerable saving of water and energy during the process activities.The distinctive features that define this compression head make it particularly suitable for processing, probiotic foods containing fibers and solid parts, baby food, viscous dressing and protein-rich foods.

NiSoCLEAN 2.0 Homogenizer Compression Block


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