Homogenizer Compression Block Homogenizer Compression Block NiSoCLEAN

NiSoCLEAN is a compression block with a specific hygienic design conceived for food industry products, especially for probiotic foods containing fibers and solid parts, baby food, viscous dressing and protein-rich foods.

The technological evolution, based on the OpenXFLO™ compression head, has optimized some technical details in order to make NiSoCLEAN perfectly hygienic and easily cleanable: -dead spaces reduction -absence of springs and spacers -improved gaskets flushing

The specific hygienic design


The innovative mechanics of the NiSoCLEAN compression block, designed according to the best hygienic regulations, allows the product to flow continuously, reducing the shear stress passages and facilitating the fluid feed into the valve with consequent optimization of the entire homogenization process.

Finally, the special configuration of this head allows a considerable saving of water and energy during the process activities.


Reimagine liquids

Reimagine Liquids

It may surprise you how many products need homogenization in their manufacturing process to make them more compatible with your daily life. Stabilization and a longer shelf life have always been among the highest priorities in many different processing industries but, especially nowadays, as lifestyles continue to change rapidly, they are becoming more and more valued. 

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