ConsiGma® R&D Granulation and Drying (GD)

Based on proven continuous twin-screw granulation technology, the ConsiGma® GD 25/80 has been designed for the small-scale development of continuous granulation processes.

The ConsiGma® GD 25/80 offers standalone continuous twin-screw granulation and drying for small-scale R&D operations. It allows users to develop the process and achieve high granule quality on a compact unit.

The system comprises the same twin-screw granulator as the smallest unit of the ConsiGma® GD or GS lines and a small dryer that’s similar to one of the drying segmentsThis allows you to develop your products on the same scale with product quantities starting from just a few 100 grams up to a few kilograms. The results are directly transferrable to the smallest ConsiGma® GD or GC line.

The ConsiGma® GD 25/80 is ideal for pharmaceutical companies who wish to develop a continuous granulation process before the fully integrated production line is installed. 

Standard Configuration

  • One powder feeder
  • One liquid addition system 
  • Twin-screw granulator 
  • One dryer segment 

Available Options

  • Brabender or Ktron Feeder
  • Standalone GD 25 w/out dryer segment    
  • Solvent compatible 
  • Second liquid addition  
  • Lighthouse Probe® for LOD measurement  
  • Melt granulation set-up 

Main Benefits

  • Controlled granulation  
  • Less API use during R&D 
  • Fast R&D  
  • Reduced time-to-market 
  • No scale-up from GD 25/80 to GD or GC 25/500 

Read more about how GEA and its partners are implementing this technology to lead the way toward smaller, more flexible, continuous processing technologies that are transforming the future of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

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