Integrated Granulation Processing

Integrated Granulators & Dryers

GEA is uniquely qualified to provide integrated pharmaceutical process lines. Drawing on its world-class expertise and technologies, we offer an entire range of state-of-the-art process equipment that has been designed and built with system integration in mind.

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Integrated by Design

A modular approach allows customers to select standard process modules to suit specific project needs: fully integrated turnkey installations can be supplied, including fluid bed process equipment combined with top- and bottom-drive high shear mixer-granulators with integrated contained materials handling, wet and dry milling facilities, product handling systems, binder and coating preparation units, filtration units and tablet compression machines.

Safety, containment, product flow and building requirements are in-built for full integration and optimum process efficiency. Our service includes design, installation assistance, commissioning and process validation, as well as training and technical support. Installation, operation qualification and documentation are done according to FDA/GAMP guidelines.

Controlling Your Process

Advanced PLC-based automation provides seamless integration of process and CIP control functions. Options include a graphical MMI operator interface, online monitoring and trending, recipe handling, batch management, barcoding and full CIM integration. Industry standard communication networks ensure full compatibility with existing control strategies and plant-wide supervisory systems.

Process Analytical Technology

The FDA’s PAT (Process Analytical Technology) initiative has enabled GEA to combine its equipment design skills and process engineering know-how to integrate online (PAT) analyzers into its systems in a way that can provide real insight into the operation of the process and help customers to achieve key product quality targets. 

The goal of the PAT initiative is to ensure that pharmaceutical products are manufactured using processes that are understood and monitored so that the key quality characteristics of the products can be actively controlled.


Our distinctive specialization lies in the integration of the BUCK® containment technology into complete solutions for pharmaceutical solid dosage form facilities. With an emphasis on quality and GMP standards, we are committed to working together with our customers to deliver custom-built, first class solutions for projects of all sizes and complexity.

Safety and the Environment

For full compliance with national, local and in-house regulations, GEA offers a range of emission control options including solvent recovery systems, outlet filters and full containment plants. Equipment can be supplied to meet explosion-proof and pressure shock standards as required.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Process optimisation depends on efficient, effective cleaning. Automation of the cleaning process ensures repeatability, allows validation and minimizes downtime. In recognition of the fundamental role played in today’s advanced powder processing industry by automated clean-in-place procedures, GEA has developed a unique approach to CIP.

Concealed services: The integrated design ensures that all lines and hoses for the utilities of the plant (water, electricity, hydraulics, etc.) are concealed. This creates a safe and uncluttered working space.

CIP and WIP systems: More efficient cleaning is one of the key advantages of system integration. We provide validated cleaning with minimal downtime. GEA offers CIP-by-design (patented) features into all of its process. Every aspect of the integrated plant, from inlet to discharge, has been value-engineered for optimum cleanability. Spray system, tanks cleaners, nozzles and seals are an integral part of our equipment design. Every plant delivered by GEA has a tailor made WIP or CIP system that suits your process.

CIP Skid for Solid Dosage

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