Packaged Screw Compressor Systems GEA Grasso SP2

The high perfomer

Designed for low evaporation temperatures and high temperature lifts/high differential pressures, the two-stage screw compressor packages in the GEA Grasso SP2 series each include two serially mounted compressors for a low- and a high-pressure stage.

Combined with intermediate load connection the package ensures most flexible and individual operation.

A GEA Grasso SP2 package is the most efficient and flexible solution for high differential pressure operation. At the same time the package, based on a common base frame, oil circuit and common control, is easier to operate and requires less space than two separate single-stage packages.

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Two-stage screw packages optimized for low temperatures and high differential pressure operations
  • Flexible operation of low-stage and high-stage compressors as well as intermediate load connection
  • Easy operation and minimized footprint
  • Stepless capacity control via frequency inverter and/or slide system
  • GEA Omni™ control panel with high-definition 15.6" touch screen
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GEA Grasso SP2
Screw package model Speed (rpm) Cooling capacity (kW)
-40/+35 °C
-40/+35 °C
GEA Grasso SP2 – H 3600 118 174
GEA Grasso SP2 – L 3600 135 196
GEA Grasso SP2 – M 3600 174 242
GEA Grasso SP2 – N 3600 210 285
GEA Grasso SP2 – P 3600 193 259
GEA Grasso SP2 – R 3600 248 329
GEA Grasso SP2 – S 3600 315 422
GEA Grasso SP2 – T 3600 354 474
GEA Grasso SP2 – V 3600 432 581
GEA Grasso SP2 – W 3600 467 676
GEA Grasso SP2 – Y 3600 592 786
GEA Grasso SP2 – Z 3600 691 913
GEA Grasso SP2 – XA 3600 822 1096
GEA Grasso SP2 – XB 3600 1055 1383
GEA Grasso SP2 – XC 3600 1213 1604
GEA Grasso SP2 – XD 3600 1431 1883
GEA Grasso SP2 – XE 3600 1765 2308
GEA Grasso SP2 – XF 3600 2100 2628