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The innovative process diagnostic and consultant service.

Safety and quality are fundamental to your business. Make sure you meet the challenge, and protect your brand, with SAFEXPERT® from GEA.

Recognize your benefits:

• Secure your profit by limiting OPEX. Prevent costs in contamination control of processing equipment, negative product quality and safety issues. 

• Protect your brand and retain your customer loyalty. Eliminate product safety risks with GEA process know-how and innovative biotechnologies to get full hygienic control of your equipment and process. 

• Extend your product shelf life

• Maintain constant production capacity

• Continuously monitoring to optimize your CIP and COP. Minimize downtime by enhancing processes and system performance

• Sustainable energy solutions & Improved environmental impact

Guardians of your product quality

SAFEXPERT Guardians product quality

We know that the appearance, flavor, texture and shelf life of your products represent the brand qualities your customers expect and demand.  For you, achieving this standard while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and minimizing downtime is a constant challenge.  That’s where SAFEXPERT® will help, by applying our process know-how to diagnose the root cause of any existing processing problems, eliminating them and preventing any contamination in the future.

Protect your brand. Boost your sales.

SAFEXPERT Protect your brand

GEA SAFEXPERT® is an end-to-end process diagnostic and consultant service program to guarantee your product safety, optimize your processes and secure your product quality against any contamination. With GEA as your partner, you can stay ahead of your competition, achieve a fast return on investment, and retain customer satisfaction and brand loyalty through high quality and extended shelf life.


Product safety first

GEA Food Safety First

SAFEXPERT® is a lifetime service program from GEA that looks after your plant today and in the future, making sure that you hit your KPIs for product quality and safety, plant performance and hygiene, in everything you do.  By combining plant diagnostics with hygiene treatment and ongoing preventative actions we will be the guardians of your product quality and safety.

Our SAFEXPERT® service covers the following areas:

GEA SAFEXPERT Hygiene Performance

• Process and CIP & COP diagnostic 

• Clean process verification 

• Contamination inspection and root cause identification 

• Microbial detection, organic residues and biofilm scan

• CIP adjustment and optimization 

• Process and CIP benchmark service and process KPI check 

• Plant health and performance report


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