GEA MultiJector 2mm

The secret of perfect brine distribution and retention

Benefit from GEA's industry leading marination technology for precise brine injection of bacon and poultry products.

Maximizing quality and accuracy just got easy

The latest GEA MultiJector brine injection system with 2mm OptiFlex needles features unrivaled injection accuracy with a low standard deviation for excellent product quality and maximum profitability; flexible needles that will not break or distort, and maximum Time-in-Meat technique. The modular design includes exchangeable manifold needle cassettes for quick changeover and easy cleaning.

Main applications

Main applications for GEA MultiJector 2mm

GEA MultiJector 2mm is suitable for 700mm wide lines. Main product applications include bacon, poultry products (boneless and bone-in) and spare ribs.

Technology know-how you can count on

  • Inventor of industrial injection backed by 50 years’ experience
  • Seamless integration of upstream and downstream operations like brine chilling and outfeed shaking solutions for maximum product quality
  • Complete process control for consistent product color and taste, long shelf life, high yield and lower cost 

Most accurate brine distribution and retention

  • Unique 2mm OptiFlex material helps prevent bent or broken needles and ensure consistency and productivity
  • No needle marks in the product after injection
  • Outstanding brine distribution thanks to tight needle pattern with exceptionally high number of injection points

High efficiency with focus on detail

  • Unique needle cassette design for complete and toolless exchange-over within 7-9 minutes
  • Easy-to-clean conveyor belt system by a single person and without the need of removing equipment
  • Recipe program with process parameters such as product height and needle depth
  • Switching from one product to another without the need of mechanical adjustments


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Advanced technology

2mm OptiFlex needles

At the heart of the GEA MultiJector are the unique 2mm OptiFlex needles, which combine flexibility with special strength. They are 68% stronger than traditional stainless steel and will flex and recover their shape. This feature prevents bent or broken needles and ensure equipment uptime and consistent product quality. The 2mm OptiFlex needles help avoid over or under-cured areas and promote consistent taste, color and shelf life.

Optimal Time-in-Meat

Time-in-Meat is a GEA injection precision technique based on the specific combination of stroke height and injection cycle time, both optimized for each product type. Thanks to the Time-in-Meat technique, the needles stay in the product longer during injection, which leads to better brine uptake and more even brine distribution. As a result, product quality and consistency are significantly increased and therefore higher efficiency and yields can be achieved.

Technical details

Product specifications GEA MultiJector 2mm
Belt width 700 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 2175 x 1610 x 2885 mm
Product height 180 mm
Injection height 140 mm
Number of needles 792 


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Additional equipment GEA MultiJector 2mm

Shaking after injection with GEA MultiShaker

Shaking the product after injection removes excess brine and closes needle marks. The massaging action actives proteins to improve the water holding capacity of the final product.

Brine chilling with GEA SuperChill

The optional GEA SuperChill is a stand-alone brine chiller that maintains the brine to between 2°C to 4°C (35,6°F and 39,2°F) for the optimum temperature during production. Accurate brine temperature control reduces injection pick-up variation and reduces post-injection purge enabling manufacturers to stay closer to the allowed maximum. GEA SuperChill potentially increases yield providing a better quality, more consistent product and a fast pay back.

Homogenous brine mixing with GEA ScanBrine

Accurate, homogenous brine mixing is a key element of the process allowing manufacturers to select the right brine recipe for each product, including the necessary additives, to achieve the quality, color and consistency required.



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