Chillers GEA BluAstrum

Driving performance

GEA BluAstrum provides an economical entry into the GEA Blu chiller family, without compromises regarding the technological concept.

This chiller series is especially characterized by minimal maintenance requirements and an extremely slim model design that fits through standard door-sizes. The little dynamic movement of the chiller components contributes to low maintenance requirements. In addition, the width of only 1.0 to 1.2 m and the resulting small footprint allows simple transport as well as relocation of the chiller and installation in cramped machine rooms.

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Compact screw chiller
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Extremely compact equipment size
  • Cooling capacity 390 - 1,730 kW (R717, 12/6 °C)
  • Secondary refrigerant outlet temperature -15/18 °C
  • Remote version available (without condenser)
  • Casings for touch protection and noise reduction optionally available

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GEA BluAstrum
TypeCooling capacity (kW)
R717, +12/+6 °C
EERDimensions (mm)Weight
GEA BluAstrum 3003904.74700100021005000
GEA BluAstrum 5005505.04700100021005500
GEA BluAstrum 8007404.85000100021006000
GEA BluAstrum 9008805.15000100021006500
GEA BluAstrum 100011005.15000100021007000
GEA BluAstrum 150014505.56500120024008000
GEA BluAstrum 180017305.46800120024008500