GEA Q-belt

GEA Q-belt is a robust, reliable and customizable self-stacking solution designed to outlast and outperform existing self-stacking freezers.

A robust, reliable and customizable self-stacking solution designed to outlast and outperform existing self-stacking belts for spiral freezers. At GEA, service is not just a business concept, it is an attitude.

The GEA Q-belt is backed by GEA engineering expertise, and a patented interlocking design that provides flexibility, stability and long-term durability. The Q-belt also offers a turnkey service concept: a comprehensive service package that is a one-stop shop for addressing all of our client’s needs and going the extra step in meeting them.

Value Added Benefits

Stable and durable design that boosts productivity 

• Stable interlocking system design that minimizes friction and wear-and-tear

• Multiple welds for stronger assembly (patented) 

• Reduced de-stack risk thanks to advanced and durable belt design

• Extended belt life and low maintenance costs

Flexibility that keeps you productive

• Suitable for all existing self-stacking freezers

• Available in several widths, tier heights and mesh patterns and customizable options 

• Compatible with all OEM drive systems and existing self-stacking belts 

• Possible to replace one section or the entire belt, without the need to modify the whole freezer drive configuration

Turnkey service concept

• On-site pre-inspection of freezer equipment for baseline performance analysis.

• A comprehensive written and inspection report detailing all upgrade recommendations.

• Installation and Commissioning services to ensure optimal performance from day one

• Ongoing customer support services such as on-site training and regular maintenance services.

Collapsing belt take – up (CBTU) design that reduces downtime

• A tensionless, and more dependable, belt return solution than existing counterweight systems.

• Enables up to twice as much belt storage as standard systems and minimizes the likelihood of unplanned stoppages for belt length adjustments.

• Hygienic and easy-clean design reduces stoppage time

• Reduced belt fatigue means less maintenance and lower repair costs

Turnkey Service Concept

Turnkey Service Concept

The Q-belt offers a turnkey service concept that provides the right level of customer service at every step, and offers tailor made packages spanning regular inspections and maintenance, repair, complete customer support and on-site personnel expert training. 

The Q-belt is a solution designed to help your self-stacking freezers run efficiently and offers long-term dependability and durability, thereby reducing total cost of ownership and downtime.

The GEA promise

The GEA promise relies on a simple concept: Help us Help you. We rely on our customers to give us honest feedback at every stage of the equipment lifecycle in order to maintain and extend the product life of the self-stacking spiral freezers. The full-service concept focuses on that simple concept by providing the following benefits:


With baseline performance analysis, we deliver facts about the current health status of the equipment – to constantly improve decision making.


With the help of our expert supervisors, we assure the equipment is always in a good condition and ready for production – in turn helping customers to increase their equipment uptime.


The installation and commissioning team helps establish efficient processes that ensure a reliable and flexible production environment – to ensure optimal performance from day one. 


Our regional and country service teams are trained to secure, enhance and optimize the operational performance during the Lifetime – to minimize losses and achieve higher profitability.


Assistance, advice and expertise on the latest developments and technologies – Enabling our customers to be competitive and sustainable partners for their customers. 

Monitoring, Analyzing and Optimizing 

Consistent condition monitoring and analysis help our customers keep track of how equipment and systems are operating, and configure and optimize equipment, customer processes as well as their output to meet changing needs.  

Cost control 

At GEA we build value into providing the best service and support options for all our customers in line with their performance demands.

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