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GEA SmartPacker CX400

Whether you need your your food products pack-ready for retail or foodservice, GEA SmartPacker CX400 is your ultimate choice in terms of capacity, technical options and range of bag styles.

GEA SmartPacker CX400
Whether you need your your food products pack-ready for retail or foodservice, GEA SmartPacker CX400 is your ultimate choice in terms of capacity, technical options and range of bag styles.

Flexibility meets high capacity

This exceptionlly reliable and durable form-fill-seal model is designed for high-capacity and maximum productivity and has proven its value on the market for many years. Handling bag widths between 70mm and 400mm and up to 120 bags per minute, CX400 also offers a wide choice of pouch styles and technical options to suit various food applications.

Main applications

GEA SmartPacker CX400 main applications and bag types

GEA SmartPacker CX400 handles a wide range of distinctive packaging types, such as pillow, gusset, blockbottom, envelope, easy doy, quatro seal and doy-style, up to 5 kg/bag. Main food applications include fresh or frozen meat, poultry or vegetable products, fresh salads or cheese and confectionery.

Reliability you can count on

  • Over 98% uptime, proven in installations around the world
  • Consistent and accurate bag length thanks to monitored film transport and jaw movement
  • Backed by GEA’s 60 years’ experience in vertical bagging

Flexibility you need

  • Fast changeover of bag formats and film types in less than 5 minutes
  • Wide variety of applications such as chicken nuggets, French fries, salads or grated cheese.
  • Bag enhancement options include labelling, printing, adding euro hole and re-closability options.

Easy to operate and maintain

  • Quick menu allows fast adjustments
  • Reproducible settings using recipe management
  • Easy-access design allows fast film changeover
  • Low maintenance costs & limited wear parts 


Advanced technology
Product-in-seal detection

This function helps production continue even if product accidentally fouls the seal area. If this happens, the automatic product-in-seal detection function automatically creates a double-bag to avoid contamination or damage to the sealing jaws or knife, ensuring that the process continues. There is practically no downtime and minimal product and film waste.

Durable forming set

The GEA forming set with insert is reinforced with fiberglass, featuring less wear and tear, extra protection and longer operational life. The insert allows production of overlaps and tucked seams with the same shoulder. Each set has a rigid surface to ensure smooth running in moist or wet environments. Order the forming set with your SmartPacker or as additional tooling, depending on your bag type demands.

Technical details
Product specificationsGEA SmartPacker CX400
Bag width (min./max.)70/400 mm
Maximum bag weight5 kg
Maximum speed *up to 120 bags/min
Equipment dimensions H x W x D2245x1360x2260 mm

* Depending on product, film and dosing equipment


Options GEA SmartPacker CX400
GEA Smart Sealing System

Introducing the GEA Smart Sealing System, a revolutionary innovation for GEA vertical food packaging machines. This cutting-edge sealing system employs special metal tapes in the sealing area, eliminating the need for frequent Teflon tape replacements on heated sealing jaws.

The GEA Smart Sealing System is designed for pillow and gusset bags packed with frozen vegetables, fruits, potato products, meat, meat alternatives, fish, and seafood.

This system maximizes productivity, reduces downtime, and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO). Capable of continuously sealing up to one million bags without interruption, the Smart Sealing System increases machine profitability by minimizing downtime and labor associated with tape changes.

With improved seal detection, it ensures reliable sealing of bags, preventing open packages and damage to the cutting knife. GEA has enhanced pressure application and reduced cooling time, resulting in a 20% increase in machine output and improved overall equipment efficiency (OEE), sealing consistency, and packaging quality.

GEA TiroLabel for SmartPackers

This dedicated labeling unit can be perfectly integrated into your SmartPacker, delivering a speed of up to 180 labels per minute at a width of 150 mm. The label roll has a quick-release operation, allowing it to be changed in seconds without the loss of operational time. Enjoy millimeter precision at labelling with the GEA TiroLabel for SmartPackers.

GEA Ultrasonic Sealing kit

An option on the CX400, ultrasonic sealing allows zero reject gas-tight packaging, even if the seal areas are contaminated. It is greatly suitable for bagging fresh salads and greens, cut vegetables or grated cheese. The technology delivers exceptionally reliable and efficient sealing through fat, oil, pieces of leaf and water, which increases packaging yield, reduces film and product waste and makes it excellent for automated case packing lines.

GEA Zipper unit

The GEA Zipper unit is an option which allows you to create pillow and stand-up bags with a re-closable zip. This meets consumers' demand for convenience and waste reduction.

Hygienic design execution

Upgrade your SmartPacker CX400 to meet even the toughest sanitary requirements. The hygienic design features stainless steel film feed, sealed bearing rollers including ultra-smooth Viwateq® surface treatment and sloping surfaces to avoid contamination. The vacuum table is replaced by a closed clamping table, preventing dirt getting in the vacuum system. The design meets the hygienic standards for fresh vegetables, meat and potato products, and individually quick frozen (IQF) protein products. The machine is available with a IP65 electrical cabinet.

GEA Automatic film splicing

The automatic splicer allows you to unwind and join material rolls without a production stop. The splicing unit can be fully integrated with the machine’s film carriage.

Front view of GEA SmartPacker CX400 sanitary with open doors and integrated new Smart Sealing system and SmartControl Source: GEA

New sealing system for GEA vertical packing machines maximizes productivity and reduces waste

At IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany, GEA introduces a new sealing system for use with its vertical food packaging machines for the frozen food market.

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