GEA First Aid Kits

First aid kits to keep your Slicing and Packaging Systems healthy

But not all unscheduled stoppages are necessarily unexpected.  Sometimes it’s possible to predict that a little First-Aid might be necessary, especially when you take good care of your equipment with regular preventative maintenance. At GEA we know our equipment very well and we know exactly what you might need.  Our First-Aid Kits provide you with all the necessary components to hold in stock, with full troubleshooting information and mounting instructions, to allow your own service engineers to make the necessary repairs themselves quickly and easily, getting you back running at full speed in no time.  

Reduced down time and lower maintenance costs

GEA First-Aid Kits are specifically compiled to include the items that might most commonly be required between scheduled servicing.  They are supplied individually packed and labelled for you to keep in stock for immediate use, especially for night or weekend breakdowns.  These are items that will always be required from time to time so there are no additional spares costs and no costs for emergency couriers. Instead they are available when you need them to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.  

What’s included?

EachFirst-Aid Kitcontains all the components needed to remedy specific faults with the relevant troubleshooting and mounting information. The kits are available for the product groups thermoforming, slicing, vertical packaging and CutMaster. For example:

  • The First-Aid Kit for resolving power link problems at the frequency converter that might cause starting problems in the GEA UniSlicer includes a new frequency converter and power link cable.
  • The First-Aid Kit for the form and sealing station heating plate on the DeltaPak Thermoformer includes all the cables, plugs, connectors, tubes and shrink sleaves you will need for reconnection.
  • The First-Aid Kit vertical seal for PTC sealing on a SmartPacker is a pre-assembled connection cable including connectors that helps you solve connecting issues within seconds.

It always pays to be prepared.  By holding relevant GEA First-Aid Kits in stock you will be able to react quickly should a fault occur, at any time of the day or night, helping you to minimize downtime and maximise productivity at no additional overall cost.

Please contact your local GEA contact to get a quote.

Remote support from GEA

There are times when you might just need a little guidance to get things up and running again quickly.  That’s where GEA remote support comes in to give you instant access to our experts, by video, without any specialist software needed on your own mobile device. It’s safe, secure and can be accessed on any device.

GEA First-Aid Kits, with remote support, give you the ultimate combination to keep your line running for maximum productivity and efficiency. 

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