IBF Series

Automatic Powder Fillers

GEA Inline Powder Fillers are designed to fill containers (bags, boxes or drums) with food ingredient, dairy and nutraceutical products at production rates of up to 8 metric tonnes/h.

GEA Avapac Automatic Bag Filler

Automatic Bag Filling System

Our Inline Automatic Filler range has been designed to provide a flexible powder filling solution to suit plants which may need to increase production capacity to meet future demand. The Inline Filler range comprises a single head model (IBF-450) that can be upgraded to include a single top-up system (IBF-600) or dual top-up system (IBF-800) to increase production capacity to up to 8 metric tonnes/h.

Automated Solutions for Powder Filling

To ensure the most reliable and consistent filling process, GEA offers a fully integrated automatic powder filling solution.

Customers wishing to pack their products into flexible bags can add the automatic bag presenter to their choice of filling system and, along with an integrated bag closing system, this completes a total solution for powder filling and container closing.

For other container formats such as boxes or drums, GEA can provide automated container feeding and handling equipment which can be easily interchanged to provide total flexibility in choice of packaging.

Our fully automated Inline Powder Fillers are complete with integrated control system and guarding, which is interlocked to the filling system, to ensure safe and reliable operation.

The safety of our customers' operational staff and their products is our priority. By ensuring reliable and automatic operation, GEA can help our customers protect their high quality products right through the packing operation and into the finished container.

With high overall operational effectiveness (OEE), our customers can be confident that their GEA powder packing line will run at the guaranteed production ratee and that their products will be packed in a safe environment.

Our customers want to know how their powder packing system is running. We include Ethernet connectivity to filler allowing customers to connect to the plant SCADA system. With built in performance reporting, plant operators can now see how their powder packing system is performing and can fine tune the operating settings to ensure maximum performance is achieved.

Principle Operation

The Inline Bag Filler range features a main filling station with auger powder discharge to control the flow of powder into the bag during filling.

An automated clamp lifts the container (bag, box or drum) ready for filling. As the powder is discharged into the container, the head gently lowers until the final fill weight is achieved. This "bottom-up filling" process ensures minimal disturbance to the powder and thereby reduces dust emission and subsequent product loss.

The container is automatically moved from the filling position to a vacuum station where surplus air is removed from the powder. This helps to reduce the final pack volume which is essential for flexible containers and it also reduces the risk of damage to filled containers when stacking into multiple layers.

For the higher production capacities, a secondary filling station can be included which not only increases the production rate to 6-8metric tonnes/h, it also produces a high accuracy finished pack.

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