Powder Container Handling

Bag, Box and Drum Container Handling

GEA container handling includes equipment solutions to meet the varied needs of powder packing plants. These components are selected to provide a complete processing line for filled bags through to the finished product store.

GEA Avapac-Container-Handling

Powdered products that have been packed into flexible or rigid containers require careful handling to ensure the integrity of the finished product. It is therefore important that the bag, box and drum container handling equipment is designed to work seamlessly with the filling system.

Downstream container handling

Once the container (flexible bag or rigid container) is filled and closed, it is passed to the handling equipment for processing and quality checks before being palletized or transferred to the finished product store. 

The downstream equipment can be specified and configured to meet customer requirements or to suit existing packing facilities. A line control MCC is connected to the GEA filling system and provides distributed control for downstream equipment. 

This connectivity enables the operator to easily monitor and control any downstream equipment from a single operator interface.

Optional connectivity to the check-weighing and bag coding equipment enable both local and remote monitoring and data analysis using a SCADA system.

Typical container handling equipment that GEA can provide includes:

  • Bag Turner - gently changes the bag position from vertical to horizontal (top or bottom first)
  • Bag Kicker - is selected when the packing line conveyor path must turn through 90 degrees: the bag kicker tips and then gently pushes the bag 90° to the correct orientation (top or bottom first)
  • Bag Flattener - mounted above the bag conveyor, prepares the bag for stable palletizing using powered rollers
  • Conveyors - various types for handling flexible bags, FIBC's or rigid containers

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