Flexible Bag Closers

Static Heat Sealer/Closer

The USC-300 static sealer closer is designed to enable manual sealing and closing of pre-glued fold-top bags in low volume production plants.

GEA Avapac Sealer Closer - USC-300

Sealer Closer - USC-300

The GEA range of static (manual) bag sealers are designed to meet the packing rates of our SmartFil bag filling systems. Our bag sealers can also be integrated to existing packing plants where customers need the flexibility to handle step top multi-wall packaging.

Ultrasealer Closer - USC-300

GEA Avapac Sealer Closer USC-300 Close

USC-300 Operator Controls

The GEA ultrasealer closer (USC-300) is a compact sealing and closing system for use with step-top multi-wall Kraft bags that have a polyethylene (PE) inner bag. For bags without an inner liner, the USC-300 can be used as a bag/sack top fold/closing system,making it versatile flexible solution for most customers’ needs.

This sealer/closer is designed for static operation where the bag rests on a roller conveyor or platform where the operator can manually control the bag throughout the handling and closing process.

Bags are manually presented to the sealer for semi-automatic sealing and closing operation using either a foot-switch or push-button control. Solid state control provides a reliable but flexible operation to suit a wide range of bag types. Temperature control is provided for both inner liner seal and to reactivate the pre-applied glue strip. Height adjustment is provided to ensure safe operation and to match existing bag handling equipment.

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