Plastic Bag Sealers

Impulse Sealers

Our range of impulse sealers are designed to provide safe and reliable heat-sealing of polyethylene type bags typically used in big bag filling applications.

GEA Avapac Impulse Sealer IS-850

Impulse Sealer - IS-850

Hermetic sealing of polyethylene bags is an important requirement particularly when handling high value and oxygen sensitive powders. Inert gas packing systems, such as the GEA range of big bag fillers, rely on high quality sealing solutions to ensure the integrity of the product during transport and storage.


The IS range of sealers features an extruded aluminium frame which houses the heat sealing system.

Pneumatically controlled sealing elements provide constant pressure to the bag whilst sealing. Temperature and sealing time is controlled via the integrated seal control unit. Push-button controls mounted into the sealer frame ensure safe operation for the operator keeping hands free at all times.

The IS-850 can be mounted to a wide range of support frames for both horizontal and vertical sealing operation.

Generally used for sealing polyethylene big bags, the IS-850 is also capable of sealing plastic through paper bags. Customers wishing to use this impulse sealer for this duty should consult their local GEA office for sample testing. 

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