Filling System

fillasept® IBC Filling system

The aseptic filling module fillasept® is a fully aseptic standalone unit for filling industrial bulk containers of 100–1,000 L.

The fillasept® IBC Filling System is designed for the safe aseptic filling of bag-in-box containers. The filling head is fully sterilizable/drainable and, because of its flexible piping and special wheel wagon, easy to handle.

Function Description

The interface between the filling system and IBC is formed by a specifically designed filling head. The interspace in the connection area is impeccably rinsable and sterilizable. The rinsing happens with hot water, which is provided directly at the module by an integrated tubular heat exchanger. For the user, this means thorough, supervisible security of the filling process. All parameters such as sterilization time, filling & rinsing time, CIP / SIP data, and all product specific data are freely programmable on the touch screen.

The integrated control Siemens S7 can be adapted to all process specifications respectively to customer‘s requests. In the basic configuration the programs production, SIP/CIP plant and rinses are firmly deposited. In the corresponding submenus can be configured freely with the process parameters.

The monitoring of the filling capacity is carried out by a scale integrated in the manual lift truck. The measured data are continuously transmitted to the PLC using WiFi and the evaluation process allows the exact filling of a particular bin.

Filling Head

At the centre of this plug-and-play solution is a specially designed filling head. The special, dead leg free design of the filling head enables safe cleaning and sterilization of the complete internal space including parts of the bag valve.


The fillaseptl® IBC filling system can basically be used with any bag-in-box system. For a filling under enhanced hygienic requirements, the bag needs to include a steam sterilizable shut-off valve, which is ideally located at the bottom end of a bag side.

Technical Data

Nominal diameterDN50
Operating temperature0 – 150°C (32 – 302°F)
Nominal pressure6 bar (87 psi)
Dimensioning (L x W x H)1,200 x 800 x 1,460 mm (47.25 x 31.5 x 57.5 inch)
Bin sizes100 – 1,000 L (26 – 265 gal)
Filling capacityAppr. 6 bins of 1,000 L/h* (appr. 6 bins of 265 gal/h)*
Product loss / filling0.65 L (0.17 gal)
Product valvesGEA Aseptomag®
Valves für process mediaSanitary valves
Sealing materialsFDA approved
Square pipe frameAISI 304
Parts in contact with productAISI 316L, Ra ≤ 0.8 μm (Ra ≤ 32 μin)
 Supply voltage100 – 230 V AC
Monitoring of filling capacityIntegrated scale
CommunicationWireless connection

* Depending on product and process

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