Twin-screw cooking extruder

GEA xTru Twin

Proven extrusion technology, higher capacity, higher efficiency, higher profitability.

Two screws for multi-function extruders

GEA xTru Twin extruders are is equipped with two co-rotating screws that release a quantity of mechanical energy suitable to reach the gelatinisation levels necessary to process any raw material and product. In addition, the barrel is conditioned to give further energy to the extrusion of the dough.

The co-rotating fully intermeshing screw assembly is composed of sectional modules with the following functions: forward and backward transport, mixing, feeding of additives, injection of liquids, de-gassing, cooking and forming.

High-capacity technology

GEA xTru Twin 92 High-capacity

The new high-capacity twin-screw extruders are able to increase productivity by up to 40%. GEA engineers have used their experience and know-how to increase the cross-sectional area, rotation speed and pitch of the screws on the new machines, while maintaining the extruder footprint and screw length. This also allows customers to upgrade existing machines without buying a new machine or changing their plant layout.

Main applications

The GEA xTru Twin extruders offer the flexibility to produce a wide range of products including:

  • Cereal-based snack pellets (die-cut, 2D, 3D, multilayers, square shape and punched)
  • Direct expanded snacks
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Dry pet food


Increased quality, hygiene and safety

The key features of the GEA xTru Twin range include: a high-speed mixer for perfect flour hydration; a large, curved mixing vessel that ensures correct water absorption and maintains the required hygiene levels; a vertical forced feeding screw to dose the dough into the cooking screw; a powerful variable speed motor equipped with safety clutch; and a double cascade gearbox with high torque delivering a high level of reserve power and safety.

Control system

The typical control system of xTru Twin extruders features a supervising unit monitoring all functions of the extruder from the dosage to the cutting unit, allowing for easy recipe management and displaying all variable of the process, such as raw material flows, extrusion torque, specific mechanical energy value, barrel temperatures and die pressure. The supervising system stores the values and allows data to be exported and managed with commonly available spreadsheet software.

xTru Twin Series

Series of GEA xTru Twin extruders

The GEA xTru Twin series of extruders adapts perfectly to any requirement or need: barrel and screw configuration are tailor-made and designed based on process requirements. As a result, every need in terms of production capacity, type of product or footprint is catered for with a xTru Twin extruder.

Model Screw diameter, mm Capacity kg/h (standard / high-capacity) Typical installed power (min/max)
xTru Twin 42 42 80 / 30-37
xTru Twin 58 58 200 / 90-110
xTru Twin 70 70 400 550 132-160
xTru Twin 92 92 1000 1400 230-315
xTru Twin 112 112 / 1600 280-355
xTru Twin 140 140 / 3000 500-710


Pet Food Processing Technology

Many dry pet food producers have a diverse customer base and need to produce several different premium and super premium products, also with high fresh meat and fat content.

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