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Melt Crystallization test center

R&D Experience and expertise developed over many decades. Test facilities available for laboratory and pilot plant testing for application development or sample production

Resulting from five decades of ongoing research and development work, tied with the experience gained through several thousand successful pilot tests and installed plants, GEA offers the broadest technical expertise and undisputed skill to develop applications, demonstrate the feasibility of crystallization processes and sample production.

Our pilot plants are designed using the same principles as the commercial units and provide reliable operational data. The test results deliver all the necessary information for scale-up and design of a commercial installation.

Tests can be executed at our test facility in ´s-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands, where our skilled personnel will generate a suitable test plan and execute the pilot tests to meet client requirements.

Available Options

Available Options

High purity product and low energy consumption are key properties of the melt crystallization process. The efficiency of chemical purification operations can be increased through crystallization. 

GEA has two available options to demonstrate the feasibility of the crystallization process on a wide range of chemicals:

  • Laboratory

GEA premises in ´s-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands.  Here we can demonstrate the feasibility of suspension based melt crystallization process with limited feed quantities (1-2 liters of feed stock).

  • Pilot Units


The standard pilot plant for new applications of melt crystallization. 

The W6-C is suitable for all chemical applications and can demonstrate the operation and product purity possible for a wide range of chemical products.  The W6-C range pilot units can operate on chemicals with melting points from +150°C to -60°C.  Pilot tests can be executed at the GEA premises. The unit is completely self-contained, requires only standard utilities (electricity, compressed air and cooling water) and it is explosion proof (ATEX II3G IIB T2). 

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