GEA OptiPartner for powder plants

Optimization faster than you can peel a clementine

GEA OptiPartner Advanced Process Control

Spray dryer optimization

With real-time optimizations every 20 seconds, meet your partner in optimization.

Every 20 seconds, GEA's OptiPartner works seamlessly to adjust your spray-drying production, utilizing a unique algorithm drawing on both hard and soft sensor inputs. Offering precisely tailored software and support that combine GEA expertise with actual plant data, and operational feedback from the plant to improve performance. 

Imagine the impact of these 20-second cycles over a year of production — that’s 1,576,800 automatic adjustments. Clients have experienced remarkable increases in stability by up to 80%, production capacity up to 10%, and reductions in energy consumption as much as 10%. OptiPartner is a transformative service, equipping production managers with confidence and precision. So when are you joining in?


Advanced process control in action

See how 20 seconds adds up with real world effect.
Operators working with GEA OptiPartner


Discover how GEA OptiPartner has helped US dairy farmer-owned milk cooperative, MMPA, improve process stability, productivity and energy efficiency, and relieve operators from constant monitoring.

DMK Zeven milk powder plant


Leading German milk powder producer DMK-Zeven experienced its highest plant availability ever with GEA OptiPartner. Production rates increased by 4.2%, and product quality variations were reduced by an impressive 86%.

Seagarden products


Seagarden, producer of marine-derived ingredients, enjoys improvements in plant productivity, efficiency and reproducibility by integrating GEA OptiPartner with the existing control system.

Performance care

Making the optimization of your business, our business.
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Optimizing powder processing with a digital twin

Dairy and food ingredients

Dairy and food ingredients

GEA OptiPartner advanced process control enables producers of nutritional formula, milk powders, food and dairy ingredients to increase residual moisture in dairy and food powders by improving process stability.

Electrical car charging

Chemical powders

GEA OptiPartner improves quality of powders such as battery materials, dyestuff and other chemicals by reducing process variations, allowing for reduced production stops and increased yield.

Instant coffee

Instant coffee

Advanced process control helps improve instant coffee product quality. GEA OptiPartner stabilizes the process, reducing the impact of disturbances while respecting operational contraints, resulting in less waste and re-work....

A digital auto pilot for spray drying, evaporation and freeze drying

GEA Dairy Evaporation plant

Dairy evaporation

GEA OptiPartner provides process optimization for thermal and mechanical vapor recompression evaporation plants for the dairy industry.

GEA NIRO MSD® spray dryer

Spray drying

Optimize the productivity of spray drying plants with GEA OptiPartner and GEA’s operational expertise. Applicable for both multi-stage and single stage spray drying plants, with or without external fluid beds.

GEA CONRAD® Freeze Dryer

Freeze drying

GEA OptiPartner also allows for increased process stability and optimum performance for instant coffee production, particularly when used in conjunction with GEA CONRAD® freeze drying plants.

ADD Better logo

Resource efficient solution

GEA OptiPartner is one of our most resource-efficient solutions, and carries the Add Better label.


Through the application of advanced model-predictive control, GEA OptiPartner improves process stability and capacity utilization in spray dryer applications, leading to a potential reduction of up to 10% in energy consumption per kilogram of product when compared to traditional process control systems.


*The Add Better label relates to the serial product GEA OptiPartner, released in July 2021.

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Implementation of GEA OptiPartner

GEA OptiPartner Performance Care


Optimizations every 20 seconds makes up to 1,546,800 optimizations annually. Calculate how much your operation would benefit.


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