Scrubber Technology Customized multi-stage gas scrubber systems

Multi stage scrubbers

Exhaust from industrial processes often require cooling, dedusting or removal of gaseous pollutants. In many cases, scrubbers are of advantage for these duties.GEA offers Venturi scrubbers and radial flow scrubbers which are the most widely employed scrubber types. Some applications require so-called packed column scrubbers or empty column scrubbers or a combination of scrubbers.

Wet gas scrubbers

The operation of wet gas scrubbers is based on the principle of absorption, i.e. absorbing or dissolving a substance in a liquid.

GEA  offers a complete series of scrubber types which can be combined with each other, depending on the application and on the specific requirements. Customized needs are optimally taken into account. A high purity of the exhaust air and low residual product quantities are ensured.

In most cases, the following scrubber types are used depending on the respective application:

  • Jet scrubbers 
  • Submerged scrubbers 
  • Venturi scrubbers 

The apparatuses specified above are ideally suitable for absorbing pollutants as well as for recovering valuable substances.