Interconnection for real-time production data GEA Cube® Connect

Acting as a single point of ERP communication for all GEA Cube® modules, this unit uses a small-footprint, XML-based interface to exchange information with various external systems, including non-ERP ones

GEA Cube® Connect provides an interconnected ERP-to-automation environment, acts as an MES-level broker and delivers multifunctional XML data for a variety of applications.

It automatically keeps the ERP updated, according to the plant control system, and requires no previous ERP knowledge for configuration. Enabling users to keep track of current stock, it routinely calculates product costs.

The GEA Cube® Connect software module facilitates the translation and exchange of real-time production data to ERP level and can also process information such as ERP-originated orders or BOMs. 

Seamlessly integrating with GEA Cube® Recipe Advanced and GEA Cube® Traceability, data is converted into a flexible XML format, optimizing resource planning, improving stock data accuracy and avoiding manual entry errors. The data can subsequently be exported for use in other applications.

Easy to learn, operate and modify, the system can also accommodate production data such as clean-in-place (CIP) process duration and temperature readings, providing accurate updates from the shop floor.


Recognize your benefits:

  • Highly reliable ERP data
  • Shorter reaction times for business decisions
  • Reduced dependency on manual entries
  • Define which data to exchange and how
  • Eliminate process bottlenecks with faster and accurate information
  • Add additional production data to the ERP