Reciprocating Compressors

GEA Grasso V series

Reciprocating compressors for industrial refrigeration

With the GEA Grasso V reciprocating compressor series, GEA heralds the start of a completely new era for the industrial refrigeration market. During the development of the GEA Grasso V series, GEA continually puts itself in the position of the end user. Every component was assessed for the most important elements that contribute to a low Total Cost of Ownership like energy, maintenance and reliability with minimum downtime. The result is not only the most efficient reciprocating compressor on the market, but also a compressor with electronically controlled service intervals (extended as well as flexible) in order to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership without jeopardizing reliability. This GEA Grasso V exists of a complete single stage and two stage series in a swept volume range from 217 up to 1,592 m³⁄𝗁.

Features of GEA Grasso V Series

  • Unique steel welded compressor housing
  • No water cooling required
  • Extended and flexible maintenance intervals
  • Maintenance monitor for indication of  upcoming service intervals
  • Heavy duty axial roller bearing
  • Counter pressure independent overflow valve
  • Capacity control steps per cylinder
  • Suitable for speed control
  • Peek technology for high efficiency and long valve life time
  • Low noise level
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Refrigerant: NH₃
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ModelsSwept volume*
Cooling cap. (kW)** NH₃Dimensions
Single stage   
GEA Grasso V 300290237882933922575
GEA Grasso V 4504353551076933922751
GEA Grasso V 60058047413639339221042
GEA Grasso V 700637549106210761013794
GEA Grasso V 11009558231306107610131054
GEA Grasso V 1400127410981666107610271495
GEA Grasso V 1800159213721909107610271725

ModelsSwept volume*
Cooling cap.
  -40/+35 °CLWH 
Two stage
GEA Grasso V 300T21734935940922590
GEA Grasso V 450T290521310940922769
GEA Grasso V 600T4356814259409221062
GEA Grasso V 700T47885106010721013814
GEA Grasso V 1100T6371231304107210131077
GEA Grasso V 1400T9551701672107210271520
GEA Grasso V 1800T11142031874107210271755

*     Theoretical swept volume based on low stage cylinders
**   Based on: 0K subcooling, 2K superheat (non-useful)
*** Cooling capacity based on open flash interstage cooler system (GEA Grasso system “C”)

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