GEA Omni Retrofit Panel

The intuitive touch for screw and piston compressor control. powerful, yet approachable. Cerebral, yet intuitive. Sophisticated, yet simple. Simply – GEA Omni.

GEA is synonymous with innovation, leadership and precision-engineered solutions. GEA Omni Retrofit Panels extend this tradition. Featuring a high-definition, multi-touch screen, GEA Omni delivers the ease of use and technical wow factor that GEA customers have come to expect.

Upgrade your screw and piston compressor control

GEA Service offers this standard retrofit solution for industrial screw and piston compressors, ensuring operators’ continued success. GEA Omni Retrofit Panels have already proved their worth with compressor packages from many manufacturers including Mycom, Frick, Sabroe and Stal.

Easy to connect

The GEA Omni Retrofit Panel includes hardware designed to allow the connection of different types of compressor sensors, motor current sensors and solenoid coil voltages. This reduces the number of loose shipped items to a minimum, thus simplifying and reducing installation time. Compressor-specific electrical drawings and preconfigured software are provided on a GEA USB drive.

Easy communications

By simply connecting GEA Omni Retrofit Panels to an Ethernet network, the use of wireless technology and smart phone or tablet viewing is possible. Authorized service staff and service companies can access the control system remotely and GEA Omni can send email and text message notifications. For connection to other control systems, GEA Omni Retrofit Panels support Modbus TCP/IP protocols for data exchange.

GEA peace of mind

GEA Omni consists of a single design engineered to meet the needs of a global customer base. Preconfigured in more than 25 languages, GEA Omni carries the benefit of global sales and support. Operators rest easy knowing their facility is controlled by a product that is invented, manufactured, and backed by the worldwide leader in refrigeration control panel technology.

Quick access to invaluable on-screen tools

  • Maintenance tracking and alerts
  • Historical trending
  • Manuals, drawings and videos
  • Ability to upload user-generated materials
  • Diagnostic tools and troubleshooting aids


Refrigeration system efficiency – at your fingertips

The industrial refrigeration industry, like all others, continually strives to provide greater productivity, increase energy efficiency and adopt sustainable practices, such as changing to natural refrigerants and reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, digitalization strongly shapes how we live and work in today’s world and operators of refrigeration systems want power at their fingertips, and real-time data, to help them make critical decisions to control their production processes.

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