Screw compressor

GEA Grasso L XHP

Screw compressor optimized for ammonia heat pumps up to +95°C / 203 °F and 70-bar / 1,016-psi gas applications.

The GEA Grasso L XHP screw compressor is ideally suited for heat pumps. Based on the tried-and-trusted GEA Grasso screw compressor technology that has been refined over the last 50 years, the optimized design lends itself to a wide range of applications. As a result, we have extended the operation limits so that the GEA Grasso L XHP features a design pressure of 70 bar / 1,016 psi and a maximum discharge temperature of 140°C / 284°F. That means it is also a perfect fit for high-pressure gas applications. The compressor series is available in three sizes with a swept volume of 1,990 to 2,748 m³/h / 1,172 to 1,617 cfm at a running speed of 2,940 rpm.

Innovative high-pressure screw compressor

To ensure that the L XHP delivers the efficiency and reliability expected of a sustainable solution, we engineered an innovative new rotor profile. When combined with the extremely robust design and new balance piston concept, it makes the GEA Grasso L XHP the best high-pressure screw compressor we have ever created. It’s perfect for ammonia heat pumps and high-pressure gas applications. 

Highlights & technical features

  • New design optimized for NH3 heat pumps and high-pressure gas applications
  • Engineered for a long service life and easy maintenance
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Variable Vi
  • Max. condensation temperature of 95°C / 203°F
  • Compressor design pressure of 70 bar / 1,016 psi (g)
  • Available in three sizes: 1,990 m3/h to 2,748 m3/h / 1,172 to 1,617 cfm at 2,940 rpm
  • Max. speed of 3,600 rpm
  • Max. discharge temperature of 140°C / 284°F

Technical data

Model Swept volume
Swept volume
Heating capacity¹
Heating capacity
2,940 rpm 3,550 rpm 2,940 rpm 3,550 rpm R717,
0 to 75°C
32 to 167°F
95 to 203°F
H2000 1,990 2,403 1,172 1,415 2,250 5,350 7,677 18,255
H2400 2,390 2,886 1,407 1,699 2,700 6,500 9,213 22,179
H2800 2,748 3,318 1,617 1,953 3,150 7,550 10,748 25,762

¹) Stated temperature values at 2,940 rpm. Evaporation/condensation values are approximations

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