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GEA CompaX

With the GEA CompaX you can simply have it all: A minimized leakage risk for safe air conditioning as well as an ammonia solution for maximum plant efficiency and a clean environment.

Our semi-hermetic ammonia screw compressor line enhanced

Simplifying the use of NH₃

At GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies we aim to increase the attractivity and awareness of the natural refrigerant ammonia and to ease the usage of ammonia-based solutions. For this purpose, the semi-hermetic screw compressor CompaX was developed.

The GEA CompaX operates without a shaft seal and reduces leakage risk to a minimum. Thanks to low vibration and sound level the compressor is ideal for usages in close proximity to populated areas. In addition, the product benefits based on more than 50 years of screw compressor development open new possibilities for sophisticated refrigeration systems with ammonia as one of the most efficient refrigerants.

The two GEA CompaX models 350 and 400 have a flow volume of 321 and 372 m³/h (at 2,940 rpm). By using a speed of up to 6,000 rpm and the possibility of a multi-compressor arrangement these two compressor sizes are suited for small, medium and also larger capacity requirements. They combine best efficiencies by using the natural refrigerant ammonia, a wide, stepless adjustable, variable internal volume ratio and a wide speed range as well as highest safety and reliability through decades of experience in developing screw compressors. The compact design and the simultaneously high degree of integration also make the GEA CompaX a cost-efficient and space-saving product.

The semi-hermetic GEA CompaX range offers highly efficient, reliable and low-maintenance solutions for many cooling applications.

Wolf ButterBack – GEA CompaX / GEA BluX proves its worth in field test

Highlights & Features

  • Using the natural refrigerant ammonia in compliance with 2015 F-gas regulation
  • Best efficiency thanks to a wide speed and Vi range as well as the characteristics of ammonia
  • Space-saving and easy to package
  • Reduced number of connections
  • No shaft seal
  • Low vibration and sound level

GEA RT Select – our selection and configuration program will help you to find the right equipment for your refrigeration and heating plant.

Technical data

ModelSwept volume flow at
50 Hz / 100/87 Hz1)
Cooling capacity
at max. Hz
Dimensions (mm)Suction
R717, 0/+30 °C
GEA CompaX 350321/6426301,434797656DN125DN80789
GEA CompaX 400372/7447451,463797656DN125DN80807
GEA CompaX / GEA BluX proves its worth in field test at Wolf ButterBack

GEA CompaX / GEA BluX proves its worth

Wolf ButterBack is a specialist in Danish pastries, which the company produces for bakeries. The bakeries receive the pastries frozen and ready-to-bake in-house to sell to their customers.
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