Product series Clarifying Decanters for Oil & Gas

The higher demand for hydrocarbons is pushing us further into a tough environment. New high-tech rigs / FPSOs are developed to cope with these new challenges. Our contribution is to help you protect our fragile environment and to maintain the “zero discharge” philosophy.

GEA has a complete environmental system which reduces the discharge to sea to a minimum. A high efficiency slop treatment system will also have economic benefits as the costs for ship to shore and subsequent treatment are no longer required. The treatment of slop is always a challenge as the slop tanks contain everything from drain and slop water, oil spills, brine, bentonite, barite, cement, mud etc. This results in a variable oil and solids content. To solve this challenge GEA has developed a complete system using the full capacity of both the decanter and centrifugal technology.

Our available decanters for this application have a low bowl angle for optimal thickening and a hydraulic scroll drive for maximum power. We have also the patented bowl design for handling of brine with a specific gravity of up to 1.5 sg.

GEA has developed special decanters for treating drilling fluids. Apart from high-performing and top separation efficiency the decanter centrifuges distinguish themselves through safe operation and robust design. The decanter centrifuges are self-contained skid mounted centrifuge systems on a single frame with integrated control panel. They are suitable for installation in ATEX Ex-Zone 1 (Category 2G) Temperature Class T3 according to European Standards when treating Drilling Mud (classified as non-explosive product), or US equivalent class 1, Division 1.

Features & Benefits

  • Deep pool concept for enhanced performance by optimized process configuration
  • Tungsten carbide tiles or hard faced scroll for longer operational life
  • Duplex bowl
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Stainless steel hood
  • Welded rigid frame
  • Pillow block design for easy and fast service
  • Exchangeable solid discharge ports for longer operational life
  • Innovative and rigid drive systems for maximum solids concentration
  • Torque monitoring for safe operation
  • Available in explosion-proof design



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