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Remote FATs for GEA Centrifuges

Is a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of your centrifuge not possible on site due to current travel restrictions, a very tight schedule or other urgent reasons? Are you generally looking for ways to make business processes more digital and to sustainably reduce costs and time?
Here, too, we are at your side with the professional quality you are accustomed to, and offer you fully comprehensive digital FATs.

Without any major technical effort on your part, while at the same time ensuring the necessary data protection standards, we can offer you a flexible and effective solution that meets all requirements in terms of function and quality without causing any delays in your business and production planning. A Remote FAT can usually be implemented with little preparation time on your side and entirely according to your requirements – without sacrificing scope and quality.

Digital Factory Acceptance Tests – our scope of services

With our solution, we offer you “lifelike” participation in a fully comprehensive FAT, so that you can actively experience the real conditions on our test bench, albeit virtually.

We cover an extensive range of tests remotely:

  • Progress checks
  • Visual inspections
  • Dimensional checks
  • Completeness checks of the scope of delivery
  • Document checks
  • Component checks
  • Noise measurements
  • Surface measurements
  • Vibration measurements
  • Assembly / disassembly of the bowl / machine
  • Functional tests / dry tests
  • Functional tests of the machine / plant with liquid
  • as well as other tests on request
Remote FATs for GEA Centrifuges - GMP-compliant

In addition, we offer the possibility of carrying out FATs in a GMP-compliant manner. Here you also have the option – as far as current travel restrictions and hygiene requirements permit – to commission an acceptance company on site and to let your own personnel join.

Procedure of a Remote FAT – we keep an eye on all the details for you

Prepare FAT

Before we start with the actual Remote FAT, we will provide you with the required documentation electronically in advance so that you can already familiarize yourself with it.
In order to secure the personal data on both sides, you will addionally receive a document to be signed, which briefly and clearly explains the framework of the Remote FAT.

Test session with customer

In addition, we invite you to a test session in advance to make sure that the connection and dial-up work properly and to give you a first impression of the technical processes.

During the Remote FAT, the technically responsible GEA employees guide you through the entire process and use headsets to ensure a continuous exchange of information – whether with you in front of the screen or on the test bench at your centrifuge.

Document checks

We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the highest level of quality even remotely: a document camera is used to review and discuss physical documents in detail. 

Equipment checks

We film the centrifuge on the test bay using either a stabilized mobile camera or our special GEA Remote Eye Wear goggles. The latter have an integrated high-resolution camera and reliable microphone technology and give the GEA employees even more freedom of movement, so that they can perform hand movements at the same time, for example, or point more specifically to important areas.

If required, parallel sessions can be held to test process, automation and documentation.


At the end of the Remote FAT, you will receive a punch list, better known as a FAT report. This lists the participants and notes all deviations that occurred during the Remote FAT as well as during the pre-FAT test phase. The goal is final acceptance of the equipment and subsequent release for shipment by you after the stated deviations have been met.

Technical requirements – high flexibility and low effort for you with convincing results

The requirements on your side are very straightforward: the computer you intend to use to dial into the Remote FAT session must have Microsoft Teams installed, a well-known tool for group or team chats. You do not need to install any additional software. For trouble-free video telephony you need a stable and sufficiently fast Internet connection. A webcam is recommended for even better interaction with you.

Your advantages at a glance

Timely implementation of your projects

  • Timely implementation of your projects
    We ensure that your business and production are fully on track.
Saving travel costs, resources and time

  • Saving travel costs, resources and time
    Not only do you save travel time and costs, you are also more flexible in terms of time and can devote the time saved to other value-adding activities.
Variable options for participation in the Remote FAT session


  • Variable options for participation in the Remote FAT session 
    You can dial in from your PC as well as from a tablet or smartphone.
Effortless increase in the number of participants


  • Effortless and flexible dial-in wherever you are
    Your experts are not all at the same location? You can dial in to our remote FAT via Microsoft Teams from any location with a sufficiently stable Internet connection and participate in the session

FAQ – frequently asked questions and our answers for you

Remote FATs for GEA Centrifuges

How does the video call work?
In sufficient time prior to the Remote FAT you will receive an invitation with your personal dial-in link. In addition, we will invite you to a test session in advance, if required, so that you can familiarize yourself with the procedure and we can check together whether the technical requirements are met.

What can I see during the Remote FAT session?
Basically, all the tests that are possible during a regular face-to-face FAT can be shown. A remotely conducted FAT does not change the range of possible tests.

Both completeness checks on the scope of delivery including component tests as well as functional tests such as noise or vibration measurement or even process steps can also be reproduced in parallel with the documentation. Tests on the automation section can also be shown.

How do you ensure the security of my data?
We use Microsoft Teams as a secure, digital collaboration tool. All FAT documents are stored on our GEA-internal servers with restricted access. Larger documents are made available via a secure file sharing service.

Which documentation will I receive after completing the Remote FAT?
After completion, you will receive a report which contains all the comments that were agreed during the Remote FAT in written form. Furthermore, all participants are listed. The FAT report is finalized by the delivery release.

Is it possible to get a recording of the Remote FAT?
Recordings are possible according to individual agreement.

Has GEA already gained experience with Remote FATs for centrifuges?
We have been using Remote FATs since the beginning of 2020 and have successfully conducted various FATs with well-known customers from different industries since, with procedures taking from a few hours to several days. The feedback from our customers on the “smart” way of conducting FATs has been very positive throughout.

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