Classifying Decanter for Oil & Gas

GEA offers classifying decanters for barite recovery in drilling mud treatment.

In order to recover the precious barite and recycle it back into the process GEA has developed a special classifying decanter. This special decanter removes only very heavy solids from the mud. Our GEA rigMaster CF series from the new ecoforce decanter generation is used for this application – with the inherent advantages such as high torque, maximum availability, high throughput capacities, excellent classifying results and low energy consumption.

Features & Benefits

  • High quality wear protection
  • External gear system for maximum gear protection
  • Oil lubrication for all bearings for exacting demands
  • High quality stainless steel for all product-contacting parts
  • Gas-tight and explosion protected design for hazardous zones
  • High-torque GEA summationdrive for optimum differential speed at all times and  minimum energy consumption

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