3-Phase Separating Decanter for Industrial Fluids

3-Phase separating decanters for industrial fluids from GEA is a continuously operating centrifuges with a horizontal solid-wall bowl developed specifically for the treatment of waste oil, MARPOL liquids, waste emulsions and oily waste water. The frame is of open design with gravity or under pressure discharge of the clarified liquid phase.

Centrifuge - Clarifying Decanter CF 4000 / 6000

Features & Benefits

  • All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel
  • Shallow pond design
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Highest g-force for maximum efficiency
  • Innovative adjustable scroll drive with the following features: 
    - GEA summationdrive with intelligent kinematics for high differential speeds and torques 
    - High efficiency of the drive since the variable speed motor feeds in energy and does not brake 
    - Very sensitive regulation of the torque, even with fluctuating feed conditions 
    - Automatic adjustment of the differential speed due to the frequency controlled variable speed motor
  • The scroll can be operated also with stationary bowl
  • Gentle feed geometry for optimum flocculation and low wear
  • Low space requirement
  • Good accessibility to all components
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Explosion-proof design available
  • High torque gearbox
  • Liquid discharge: free gravity discharge or under pressure

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