Liquid-liquid extraction

Solid-Wall Bowl Separators for Pharma Extraction

GEA solid-wall disc-type separators are used for liquid-liquid extraction processes

Centrifuge - Solid-Wall Bowl Separator

GEA solid-wall disc-type separators are used primarily for separating liquid mixtures with no or with only minimal solid contents (less than < 0.1 % by vol.).

The separator is equipped with a solid-wall bowl. The product flows through the hydrohermetic feed, which minimizes the shearing forces for sensitive products, and is broken down into a light phase and a heavy phase in the disc stack. The separated components are discharged under pressure by means of the corresponding centripetal pumps through outlets. The use of a disc stack increases the equivalent clarification area S of the separator many times over compared with a centrifuge with the same volume which consists of a single chamber. 

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