Solid-wall bowl separators for Marine

Manual cleaning separators with solid-wall bowl and single centripetal pump are today used mostly for the treatment of diesel oil and lube oil on smaller ships. They are suitable for clarifying or purifying oils with a low solids content of up to 0.01 percent by vol..

Centrifuge - Separator OTC

Diesel oil, as well as lube oil, has to be continuously treated on many ships. The GEA solid-bowl wall separators, developed for this comparatively small product flow; are characterized not only by their efficiency, but also by the very small space they require, an advantage of particular importance, especially given the cramped conditions on board ship.

A pump system takes the lube oil to the purifier which separates the oil at high temperatures of up to 95 °C. The centrifugal separator is designed as a mobile system which is simple and convenient to use wherever hydraulic devices on ships have to be serviced

Compact Design. Powerful Performance.

Robust design:

  • Built to last: high-quality robust stainless steel design for reliable performance and operation even under toughest conditions (stainless steel bowl and disk stack)

Space saving and flexible solution:

  • The small and compact size enables a simple plug-and play, space-saving installation and integration into the existing system, without any necessary changes to engine room machinery

Cost-effective concept:

  • Reduced operating costs, minimized wear on engine equipment
  • Easy maintenance, operation and cleaning
  • Simple design, easy installation


  • Purification of diesel and lube oil in marine applications (yachts, tugs, pilot boats, tankers, dry-cargo vessels, technical fleet)

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