Liquid-liquid extraction

Separators for Pharma Extraction

GEA separators for pharma extraction are designed in accordance to GMP requirements. No shear forces acting on the product by the patented hydrohermetic feed and hydrostop system for controlled partial ejections. The clarifiers are suitable for fully automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP).

Centrifuge - Clarifier

GEA separators cover all processes of liquid-liquid extractions, whether in one or more stages on the concurrent, counter-current and cross-current principles. Centrifugal extraction by GEA clarifiers bear the following advantages: 

Reduced operating costs, low solvent requirement. Higher overall yield by short contact times. Reduced investment costs by high stage efficiency minimizing the number of stages. Optimum throughput capacity with minimum space requirement. Higher overall yield with a significant improvement in substance interchange between the phases by avoiding backmixing. Higher overall yield qualities. Higher process security and availability.

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