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Separators for Chemicals and Minerals

GEA separators for chemicals stand for utmost security of the investment, products and processes. They insure high product quality and fulfills international safety requirements.

Centrifuge - Separator / Clarifier TSE

Safety in the chemical, petrochemical and mineral industry requires a priority experienced in hardly any other branch of industry. Where concentrated acids, high pressures and inflammable or even explosive substances are part of everyday production, extremely stringent demands are posed on the separator design.

GEA separators successfully fulfill these challenges: from the bowl and all other components that come into contact with product right through to the smallest seal, everything has been consistently designed for this process. With liquid centripetal pumps for both phases, the separators meet the requirement for safely discharging on both phases under pressure. According to model, the location of the discharge drain hole is in the bottom of the bowl. This prevents the operator or service personnel from coming into contact with the extremely dangerous substances. 

GEA separators are designed to resist concentrated acids, high pressures and inflammable or even explosive substances.

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