Separators for Beverages

GEA separators are used for the de-oiling of citrus juices and separating citrus oil emulsions

Centrifuge - Centrifugal Separator

This GEA separator was developed for de-oiling citrus juice and for separating citrus oil emulsions. It can be modified in design in numerous ways so that it can be adapted for various separation tasks. The product enters via the product feed through special rising channels in the disk stack of the separator bowl. The positions of the rising channels depends on the liquid component which is to be recovered in the cleanest condition. If for example in an oil-water mixture, this is the heavy component (water), the rising channels are close to the inner rims of the disks. For the light liquid component (oil) however, they are close to the disk periphery. If both components are to be obtained equally pure, the rising channels are in the middle of the disk stack. Separating efficiency and product quality can thus be perfectly customized. In this case both liquid phases are pressure discharged. For this purpose, a double centripetal pump is installed in the bowl top. Both paring disks are immerged in the separated liquid phases and discharge them under pressure. Solid particles sediment in the solids holding space of the bowl. This design allows 3-phase separation. With its self-cleaning bowl the machine is suitable for fully automatic CIP cleaning.

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