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Nozzle Separators for Chemicals and Minerals

GEA nozzle bowl separators for chemicals stand for utmost security of the investment, products and processes. They insure high product quality and yield.

Centrifuge - Nozzle Separator TDA

GEA nozzle bowl separator for catalyst recovery, phosphoric acid, and many more.

GEA nozzle bowl separators with a disc-type bowl feature nozzles at the periphery through which the concentrate is discharged continuously. The separated solids (concentrate) are continuously discharged through nozzles into the concentrate catcher. The solids concentration depends on the throughput capacity, the feed concentration, the nozzle diameter and the bowl speed. The desired concentration can be adjusted by exchanging the nozzles and regulating the throughput capacity. The concentrate flows off under gravity from the concentrate catcher. The product flows through the feed into the distributor of the bowl, is accelerated by vanes and passes through the rising channels into the disc stack where clarification takes place under the influence of centrifugal force. Special materials such as super austentite, super duplex, Inconel 625 are available. Erosion protection.  

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