Clarifier for biopharma applications

GEA pharma separator aseptic C

Smooth handling of biopharma products, high separation performance, all features for highest cleanability requierements included: automatic SIP, easy validation and and high-end qualification package.

GEA pharma separator aseptic

Aseptic processing made simple

With the introduction of its new pharma separator line aseptic, GEA offers to its pharma customers a new level of performance, cleanability features, validation easiness and cleanroom protection as standard.

Aseptic processing reaches the next level of security.

Included features of GEA aseptic

Features GEA pharma separator aseptic

The GEA promise

Making aseptic processing and the integration into process lines of our customers as secure, as easy, and as fast as possible. ASME BPE, automatic SIP and much more is included to the aseptic line.

Smooth handling: No turbulences, no splashes, no shear forces

Shear sensitive products, i.e. cells, are fed gently by the patented hydrohermetic inlet underneath the liquid level of the filled bowl and smoothly accelerated at the axis of rotation.

Optimized skid design for a perfect fit to your process

The GEA plug & produce pharma skids aseptic are perfectly designed for standard and customized requirements for maximum safety, maximum yield and a perfect fit to your process.

Full range of capacity

The aseptic clarifier skid is available in four different bowl sizes to fit to the capacity of your process.

Separation performance GEA pharma clarifier

Optimum yield with optimized bowl design

The aseptic clarifier skid has an optimized bowl design with a High Sigma clarifier bowl for up to 5 vol% percent or a HighVol clarifier bowl for solids up to 10 vol%. They ensure optimum yield for your process.

GEA Integrated Direct Drive for high clean room class level

The new, state-of-the art IDD Drive with a water cooled motor and a closed housing prevents any emissions into cleanroom. Fewer parts mean less wear parts and an easier service of the machine.

The scope of the GEA aseptic line

Features & advantages

Features & advantages
  • New level of performance, cleanability features and validation easiness as standard 
  • High separation performance
  • Gentle product handling (inlet)
  • Automatic SIP
  • Automatic CIP
  • Hygienic surface design 
  • Patented gap-free welded disk spacers
  • Optimized skid design
  • Full range of capacity, two bowl designs, four bowl sizes
  • Integrated Direct Drive IDD

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