GEA hycon for clean room applications

Clarifiers for Blood Processing

GEA clarifier hycon are a two room concept designed for a sterile process in clean rooms while achieving highest concentrations of solids in aseptic processes. According to model, low-temperature applications are available.

Centrifuge - Clarifier hycon BSH / CSH / PSH

Clarifier Hycon in Clean Room

GEA clarifiers with hycon for clean room and low temperature applications.

GEA hycon achieves the highest concentrations of solids in an aseptic process. It unifies the advantages of chamber separators and self-cleaning separators, thereby completely fulfilling the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The hermetic isolation of the product-contacting and the mechanical sections allows the user to create economical clean room conditions. A sterile process is also achieved by a fully closed, steam-sterilized system (SIP). The required careful handling of the product is conducted by the hermetic inlet and the gentle draining of the bowl at reduced speed. To achieve a high quality of the end product, the sanitary equipment of the process room is executed in the highest surface quality. Due to the suspended vessel concept, solids handling adapted by the customer is possible. This centrifuge system ensures a consistently high product quality under economical operating conditions 

In some processes the temperature of the product must not rise or may rise only slightly. The compliance with a narrow temperature range of -3 to -6 °C is important for the process. In the GEA clarifying separators this is achieved with the hycon by direct nitrogen cooling. With this system, a controlled product temperature can be achieved with a tolerance of +/- 1°C.

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